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The Streechers feat. Vika Halamaha

Long Time No See

This song should have been called “Literally Any Love Song”, but it is not.

The Streechers

Могила москаля

Та хай же вам клепки вистачить всім не пертися з танком у гості!

The Streechers

Місто Героїв

On February, 24, Russian occupants invaded Ukraine. Chernihiv fought bravely and did not surrender. Now it's our turn to say thank-you to our home city!

The Streecher feat. Ромашка

We have invited a friend of us and a cool singer Ромашка to sing Місто Героїв together!

The Streechers

Change the Rain for Snow

Listening to the "Change the Rain for Snow" box is like spending a cold winter evening near the fireplace at The Streechers' Christmas party 🍷🎇

The Streechers

Light It Bright

This album will lead you deep inside your own mind, through the anxieties and doubts to creating the better world to live in!

The Streechers

Дим, я і ти

Lyrical experimental ballad about love, life and our own fantasy

The Streechers feat. Lena Ivanova

Sunday Before the Christmas

The friends have come together for Christmas being missing for a while... Let's now sing together Sunday Before the Christmas!

The Streechers

Space Rangers

We've imagined the day of the first human expedition to Mars and told the story to the listeners from the moment of the rocket launch to the successful landing.

The Streechers


It's time to make all the differences between us a source of inspiration, and not anger or jealousy. Yes, we are all different, just because we are meant to be.

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