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The Streechers is a rock band based in Chernihiv, Ukraine, uniting people of different tastes and occupation. The band’s unique style combines classic British rock with rock’n’roll, progressive, and art-rock influences, the languages of the lyrics are English, Ukrainian, and even French.

The band consists of:
Aliona Belousova: singer, songwriter and keyboardist.
Ihor Melikhov: singer, first-half-of-the-song writer, lead guitarist and engineer.
Alex Mutskiy: singer, second-half-of-the-song writer, rhythm guitarist, bassist and lawyer.
Mary Slavets: singer, songwriter, keyboardist, bandura and kalimba player.

The band was founded back in 2017 by students of Chernihiv Magnet School #1. Up to the end of 2019 they were playing cover songs at school and in university, making first attempts to start recording their own songs. The things changed when in 2020 they started working on their debut album – “Different”.

Their debut album “Different” was released on October, 1st, 2020 being the first commercial record of the band.

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The first single of The Streechers "Space rangers" is dedicated to a future mission of NASA sending humans to Mars. Initially it was written and recorded in the course of NASA Spaceapp Challenge (October, 2-4) and on November, 20th, 2020 was officially released on all platforms.

The second single of The Streechers "Sunday Before the Christmas" was recorded with Chernihiv singer Lena Ivanova and was released on December, 20th, 2020 on all platforms.

On March 5th, 2021 The Streechers released the first music video for the “Paintress” song from their debut album “Different”, generated with the help of a neural network. This project is the first-of-a-kind in Ukraine and one of the first in the whole world.

On May, 7th, 2021 The Streechers released their first song in Ukrainian, a lyrical experimental ballad “Дим, я і ти”.

The second album of The Streechers “Light it Bright” came out on August, 13th, 2021. The album is dedicated to the human’s inner world and leads listeners through all the anxieties and struggles to the better world to live in.

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